Be a part of something big

Our humble beginnings shaped the company we’ve become. We started with two  locations in 1957, and we’ve worked hard to keep CED as local as possible. Now, with over 700 locations CED has become one of the largest electrical distributors in the country.

That local touch is why we put power directly into the hands of managers at each of our locations across the country, giving them the chance to make decisions best aligned with their city, clientele and unique circumstances. Although each location operates like a small business, CED supports each of our locations with the resources, funding and tools to help them grow—they all have different names and serve different areas, but every location’s success is important to the future of CED. With an overarching culture based in respect for our people, service, integrity, and reliability, CED is a financially sound, stable company with great opportunity for career growth.

The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of

We go by different names. Consolidated Electrical Distributors grows by starting and acquiring distributors that fit us and are exceptional in their markets.  CED keeps their name and way of doing business, while providing them with the resources and support to help them thrive.

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