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Run a location like it is your own business. You set your go-to-market strategy, hire and manage your people, select your inventory and steer the current, all with the financial, expertise and resource support from CED.


Control your future

Management Training Program

Join our competitive management training program that sets you on the path to run your own location. 

Our management training program teaches top candidates every skill for every job in each facet of our fast-faced, profitable industry. We take you into the heart of what we do through a five phase, 2 to 3 year structured rotational program that’s tailored to meet your learning needs and set you up with all the tools to successfully manage your own location.

Having such a well rounded management training program prepares each individual not only with the knowledge base of products or functionality of the profit centers, but also with customer service skills, networking, and even time management that is necessary for our future success. 


Management Trainee

Phase 1: Warehouse Training

Phase 2: Counter Sales Training

Phase 3: Operations Training

Phase 4: Customer Service Training

Phase 5: Outside Sales Training


The power is in your hands as the manager of a CED location. You set your strategy, you hire your people, you select your inventory—and you get to do it all with the financial expertise and resources of CED backing you up. Our competitive manager training program immerses candidates in the electrical distribution industry to get them ready for a career and places them at one of our locations upon graduation.

Similarly, our sales professionals have the freedom and flexibility to conduct business in whatever way works best for them. You’re on the front lines, connecting with customers and communicating their options to help them succeed. Sales positions at CED include outside sales, inside sales, counter sales and technical specialists.

Outside Sales

As the market face of CED, the Outside Sales position is responsible for marketing and selling products and service to companies outside of the office. Gaining new business is the main goal of this position and our Out-side Sales reps do so by completing market research, developing relationships with both new and current cus-tomers, and identifying business opportunities.

Inside Sales

As a part of the Inside Sales team, you will be responsible for not only receiving orders from active customers and generating sell price quotes, you are managing customer accounts needs through out the journey, online and off. 

Counter Sales

An integral part in the face-to-face interactions of CED, the Counter Sales position is responsible for helping customers who pick up merchandise from one of our locations. During these interactions, you will handle in-quires about products and services, work with transactions and guide customers to what they need to get their jobs done.

Technical and Services Specialists

A unique and focused sales position with our Industrial Solutions Network that involves technical expertise on automation, networks and controls to help industrial contractors and manufacturers on their technical and process solutions needing to get them to where they want to be.

You work with local manufacturers, system integrators, machine builders and more to recommend, develop and help deliver automation solutions with products and services. Be the expert by leveraging your technology specific expertise.  See Industrial Solutions Network locations.


“The CED sales training program provided the pathway to transform me from a new hire into a sales professional. You will emerge ready to hit your market and develop a profitable territory.”
James, Sales


These are the folks who make our day-to-day operations run as smoothly and effectively as possible. There are multiple operational roles available encompassing everything from warehouse management to product delivery to purchasing.

Candidates who excel in operational roles are detail-oriented, organized, efficient and work well with others. If that sounds like you, consider applying for one of our operations roles around the country and running the important behind-the-scenes work at CED.


Be a part of the warehouse process that involves checking in material, organizing the inventory, fulfilling orders and assisting to increase efficiency.


Every location has a warehouse and every one of them needs someone to help get the products from our warehouses to the customers’ job site or location, when they need it.

Operations Management

How does everything in a location work together? This is where the operations individuals come in. They ensure everything that runs the location such as billing, inventory cycle, infrastructure, systems and more runs as efficiently as possible.


It’s no easy task to keep the right inventory, at the right quantities and at a fair price. Our locations are looking for individuals that can help manage that process so we can suit the needs of our customers.

Internal Support Services

Without the help of hundreds of support personnel, CED couldn’t operate. Our support staff consists of individuals working in credit, IT, payroll, risk management, marketing and resource and program support. They’re responsible for providing specialized guidance in their area of expertise to help support location managers in running a successful, customer service-driven profit centers.

Our credit team is especially important in serving customers by managing the credit extension and collection processes in our locations. Applicants to our credit training program will work alongside experienced credit managers to learn all aspects of financial management in the electrical wholesale industry. The program (2–3 years) details the intricacies of administering CED’s credit policy through proficiency in financial review, collection management, protecting company assets, problem solving, negotiations and utilizing construction lien and bond laws.


Support locations’ goals on going to market, branding, creating stories and a customer experiences online and off.  This includes help drive marketing goals, creating and curating content and collateral then delivering communications to drive sales, leads and grow the market. With customers’ journeys going more online, marketing is helping create online experiences to help our customers.  


Our credit teams are responsible for balancing risk and reward and actively working alongside our Profit Center Managers and their customers to achieve financial success.

Credit Managers partner with the Profit Center Location Managers to make credit recommendations that allow for successful business growth with our customers. The Credit Manager’s skill in managing and negotiating sound financial strategies through customer relationships results in win-win opportunities. These activities define our Credit Managers as leaders within our organization.



CED’s Audit personnel perform periodic compliance audits to evaluate Profit Center adherence to company policies. With a focus on supporting ongoing operations, our team of Internal Auditors complete various auditing tasks including but not limited to inventory observations and reconciliations, operational and compliance audits, and enterprise risk audits. Team members can expect to contribute to ongoing work related to external compliance audits as well as collaboration on internal projects with auditors in traveling positions. Members of the Audit team regularly interact with employees at CED Profit Centers as well as Service Center level management, both verbally and in writing. The Audit Department has both traveling and non-traveling positions.


CED’s IT organization is an engine of innovation for the company’s decentralized business model. This department designs products and services that individual Profit Centers can adopt to enhance their location’s value proposition. Whether designing technology focused on improving our customers’ experiences or streamlining our interactions with manufacturers, our IT organization provides creative solutions to meet the needs of Profit Centers across the country. Our diverse team of highly skilled Microsoft tech stack developers create customized solutions while simultaneously supporting numerous third party integrations to meet the ever changing demands of our growing business.


CED Payroll provides support to the Profit Centers by processing multi-state and multi-location payroll. The department also reviews and responds to state and local tax notices as well as wage garnishments. Critical tasks include processing manual checks, verifying payroll earnings and deductions, administering various requisitions as instructed by off-site managers, and maintaining employee personnel files. Payroll employees will be expected to manage heavy call volume while providing pleasant and detailed responses to the Profit Centers.


CED’s Fleet Department assists Profit Centers with the acquisition/sale/transfer of vehicles, maintains relationships with vehicle manufacturers to secure company discounts, and assist profit centers with programs involving reimbursement to employees for business use of personal vehicles. The department also orders pre-employment background checks requested by hiring managers, reports the results of background checks to those managers, ensures that annual motor vehicle record checks are run on all employees who drive on CED business, and assists Profit Centers in complying with U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations relating to the operation of commercial motor vehicles.

Loss Control

CED’s Loss Control department manages relationships with our insurance broker and carrier while also assisting Profit Centers with various types of insurance claims (Auto, Workers Compensation, General Liability, Property, etc.) Loss Control also helps Profit Centers secure certificates of insurance requested by CED customers and maintains various safety related resources, such as CED’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

My choice to continue working with CED was an easy one. For driven, motivated people who like to challenge themselves, and continuously improve and learn, CED is the perfect company. I look forward to beginning the Management Training Program in January.

Ty, Intern


Looking to get a head start in a lucrative career? CED offers competitive paid internships for college students. Our intern program takes you inside our industry and provides you with a unique insight into CED’s day-to-day operations, culture and career opportunities.

Watch and learn from CED’s top entrepreneurial minds, while having the opportunity to make a lasting impact. The internship will give hands-on experience over what it takes to be successful in our industry.


CED will provide reasonable accommodation in the application process, interviewing, or otherwise participating in the employee selection process for qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans.

If you have difficulty using this website or participating in the hiring process due to your disability and need accommodation, you may email us at: [Please use “Accommodation Request” as the subject line of your email. OR, call us at 972-693-5395.]

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