By Ivar

Management Trainee – Washington

At some point in our lives we have all been led. By experiencing being led, it brings our own notions of how we would want to lead when given the opportunity. Being a part of the management training program allows for both; you are led by many great people and are given the opportunity to lead. Leadership is described as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”. Nowhere in that description does it say how to do so correctly. That is where the experience of being led and/or leading becomes a part of the process and mentality.

CED has created an opportunity for all trainee’s to learn about leadership. Whether it be different strategies, styles or preferences; each trainee will begin to develop what it means to be a leader to themselves. When in the distribution business there will also be a variety of personalities and mentalities. Finding the proper leadership style requires different styles of communication, planning and execution each and every day. Either working on a team or servicing a customer, the approach to leadership may need to be altered to ensure success.

When looking to my own leadership style, which is still developing, I find myself not only leading by example, but also by giving guidance in training and leaving as much autonomy as possible to those that I am working with. By bestowing trust, my goal is to build a culture that promotes teamwork, integrity and reliability. As I continue through the program and life, I am sure that my leadership style will continue to develop and adapt to those positive influences around me.

What direction am I headed in with this brief article; you might be wondering. The lasting point of “What Does it Mean to be a Leader” is that it focuses around three main components; experiences, people, and yourself. While over time all three of these will be made clear in their own individualities to you, an environment where they are fostered and encouraged can accelerate the process. That environment is something that is consistently provided by CED. Being around people who want you to be the best that you can be leads to a culture where leadership development is second to none. Even through tough times and unusual circumstances, each person’s individual leadership style shines through.