Career Seeker Q&A

What are you looking for in your next career move? We asked current job seekers to tell us the single most important thing that they wanted to find at their next company. Below are some of the most frequently mentioned items, along with our answers.

Looking for a place to help a company grow
Since starting with 2 locations in 1957, CED has grown to nearly 600 Profit Centers (PCs) across the United States. That expansion continues today, as CED has become one of the largest suppliers in the electrical distribution industry. Members of CED’s management training program have the opportunity to tap into this persistent growth and take advantage of new opportunities emerging in large markets around the country.

Looking for advancement opportunities, tired of hitting a ceiling at current job
CED Management Trainees go straight to the top of the food chain. With the power to make major business decisions for their Profit Centers, our PC managers are empowered in a unique way. Our employees rely on the leadership of our managers, which is why we seek out candidates eager to lead and inspired by responsibility.

Looking for good management
CED’s training program matches candidates with multiple experienced PC managers during their time preparing to lead a CED Profit Center. These individuals provide a road map to success and profitability in a given market, and are incentivized to share their experiences and guidance with trainees every day. Additionally, trainees have numerous opportunities to interact with CED’s top executives throughout the program, giving them big picture perspective as our company continues to expand.

Looking for something interesting
From petroleum processing to shopping malls and everything in between, the electrical distribution industry affects all aspects of the American Economy. With CED the opportunity to do something interesting is limited by nothing other than your creativity and passion.

Looking for entry level experience
Not familiar with the electrical industry? Not a business major? Not a problem. CED is looking for flexible candidates who are ready to learn new things. Our training program will equip you with all of the knowledge necessary to independently manage a CED Profit Center or Credit Office.

Looking for stability
Even through the turmoil of the economic recession CED continued to improve, and today remains one of the largest distributors of electrical supplies in the nation. This endurance, combined with our efforts to cultivate long term employee satisfaction, provide a foundation for stability and long term career growth.